Quality of Life Committee

Contact: qol@ephia.org

Provides advocacy and support to East Price Hill residents with the goal of improving living and visiting experiences. 

QOL is a committee that is comprised of subcommittees. We often get members that are more interested in one or just a couple of the subcommittees. Sometimes the projects cross spaces and functions like parks, safety, blight/litter, crime  etc., it made most sense to keep these committees under one umbrella but have the flexibility to allow volunteers to be dedicated to what is closest to their heart without having to take on all facets of a space or project.

Beautification: focuses on issues and activities relating to the  maintenance of our community's overall landscape appearance. (litter, green spaces, etc.)

Sub-Committee Members: Jamie Rouff, Rhonda Groeschen,  Amber Kassem

Keep Current: Glenway Park, Safety CAT cleanups and Meetings, and we coordinate opportunities throughout the year with KCB

Crime: monitors and reports incidents and trends that compromise the safety and livability of our community.

Sub-Committee Members: Amber Kassem

Keep Current: Monthly safety meetings with Safety CAT at District 3 on Ferguson, First Monday of the Month 7p. 

Transportation: report safety concerns, reviews trends in the neighborhood to identify intersections of most harm, and advocates for improvements in public transportation and street design. 

Sub-Committee Members: Amber Kassem

Keep Current: DOTE Programs,  Warsaw Street Redesign, and submit requests regularly for sidewalk and street repairs



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Cincinnati OH 45205

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